The story

Published on February th, 2012

Ella Kromah wants to be her cat. She may not have nine lives, but she’s close. She’s traveled across time and space, as an outlaw cowgirl, an aspiring photographer, a romance coach and judging by her infectious cackling laugh, she might have been a witch.

Born in Switzerland to musical Russian parents, Ella was nurtured by the multiple generations of female singers in her mother’s family. She grew up with her freethinking mother, immersed in a melodic environment of blues and opera. She learned piano at a young age, and over time her world expanded to R&B, Jazz, Soul, and Funk. At 18, she auditioned for the Opera Conservatory of Lausanne having never taken a single singing class, and won over the judges with her gutsy acapella rendition of the Beatles’ Lady Madonna.

Her passion for Soul and Jazz then sent her to London, where she sang in bars with other wandering souls. She wrote songs, but her music only came to life in 2008 when she met Chiefbeatmaker, a producer with shared musical perspective. On the “Essence of Ella”, her first EP released in 2011, she worked with him on two songs. The rest of the EP was produced by Ella and arranged by Arthur Hnatek.

Ella Kromah is releasing in fall 2012 a new album “The Seven Lives of…”, with a subtle weaving together of blues, R&B, electronica, and a gritty rock sound in places. Just as her name ends with a lingering sigh, so do many phrases in her songs. She transports her listeners to parallel universes of dreamy metaphors, raw energetic rhythms, mystical allusions, and the undying desire to love.

Through great synchronicity, she mischievously follows the signs, counts her blessings, and always lands on her feet. With an open heart, she gracefully enchants the world around her. Ella is a free spirit. She wants to take you on a journey. She wants to be your cat.



‘Essence of Ella’ – EP (2011)

‘The 7 Lives of… – Album (2013)

Recorded at Engine Room, NYC, all songs written by Ella Kromah, recorded and produced by Diesel, mixed by Chris Griffin

For more information: http://www.sonicbids.EllaKromah